Test Designer

Test Designer is a generator of educational tests that any teacher can use to assess the knowledge of their students/pupils at anytime during the academic year.

TD can also be used for major exam evaluations and is a big time-saver to teachers that use evaluations based on (numerical or text) tests as their teaching routine.

Our mission

Test Designer appeared after 10 years of trial and errors in trying to broaden the spectrum of students’ learning and improving the relationship between the students and the teacher, and just like that, Test Designer came to life!

Mr. Sergiu Burlacu, teacher in physics and the author of Test Designer always wanted to find new ways to incentivize students to remain curious and increase their motivation with positive practices. We hope and aim to make teachers’ life easier and students’ study performance higher.


  1. Fast and easy to use. Try the demo!
  2. Saves from 3-6 hours of extra work elaborating a test, sharing it, collecting the results and processing the grades.
  3. Supports group work and team spirit.
  4. *Prevents plagiarism.
  5. Satisfaction guarantee and easier students’ integration on the labour market.

“(With TD) ..we also become more sociable and also, get to consult each other which strengthens the bond of our class as a group. It is a good method also because we can assess our own knowledge individually and as a group, and get better grades!”

Student Victoria, 17



Test Designer at BETT UK 2023

As part of Researchista venture, Test Designer is travelling all the way to the wonderful London to meet for the first time the world’s largest educational technologies fair! This time, our founder Mr. Sergiu Burlacu and TD team is unable to represent TD at the stand, but we will certainly be visiting the Dutch Embassy…

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