Test Designer is..

Test Designer is an generator of educational tests that any teacher can use to assess their students/pupils anytime during the academic year.

TD can also be used for major exam evaluations.

TD can allow for an unlimited amount of questions split by modules from 1 to 6.

Test Designer Benefits

Saves from 3 to 6 hours of extra work for 1 test when elaborating and checking the tests results. Dear teachers, if you are looking for time-saver for your mid- or end-term evaluations, then Test Designer can help you greatly! E.g. to make and check the results 1 TD test for 30 pupils you need 10 minutes plus 20 minutes – unlike 3 hours at least in a traditional setup.

Anti-plagiarism during examination: Due to differences in the tests, the pupil/student focuses on the task and copying from another colleague remains out of the focus (300 pupils piloted and counting)

Supports group work and team spirit. Many curricula speak of stimulating negotiation skills among students, however this is not always easy to attain. With TD technology, student engage in an active and friendly process of learning together.

Autonomous learning core: with TD tests, the teacher becomes a guide and merely intervenes with the processes students are exposed to.

Satisfaction guarantee and easy integration on the labour market: it is not only student who are happy after using TD, but also teachers. Ultimately, work givers can have easy access at electronic records offered by the school to create an informed opinion about their performance.


Test Designer appeared after 10 years of trial and errors in trying to broaden the spectrum of students’ learning and improving the relationship between the students and the teacher. Mr. Sergiu Burlacu, teacher in physics and the author of Test Designer always wanted to find new ways to incentive students to remain curious and increase their motivation with positive practices. Mr. Burlacu hopes to make teachers’ life easier and students’ study performance higher and just like that, Test Designer came to life!


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